1. Michelle
    Michelle wanted purple and orange for her April wedding. Everyone thought it would look too much like fall. She proved them wrong. Spring never looked so hot!
  2. Patty
    When Patty asked me to make her bouquets using nothing but feathers, I knew it would be a challenge. She was thrilled with the results and I am still receiving compliments on her wedding six years later.
  3. Darcie
    I train every intern to give every wedding 100%. So when one of your interns asks you to make their bouquets, every detail has to be perfect.
  4. Rachel
    Carrying a bouquet that you cradle can certainly make you feel like you've just won the Miss America title. Rachel has the beauty and grace to be one. But something tells me she is much happier just being called "Mrs."

Mrs. Rose

Photo below courtesy of Spencer Photography

When it's your daughter's wedding...

I don't know where to begin to explain all that went into creating these bouquets for my daughter's wedding.  Jo, the youngest of my three daughters, got married in September. This thirty-something bride had finally found the man of her dreams. Also, she was getting married at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, another dream since she was 8 years old. 

You may think that I take it for granted that my daughters would want me to make their bouquets. But this is simply not true.  I was honored and absolutely thrilled that each one of my daughters have asked me to make their bouquets.  I've experienced some true "Mom-zillas" in my years of being in the business and I was not about to allow myself to become one. But the pressure was on.

I put my heart and soul into every wedding. It is what I do. It is what I love to do. I know the smile on my daugher's face is because this is the day she became Mrs. Rose.  I hope a tiny part of it, however,  was because she was happy with her bouquets. 

I am constantly complimented on my bouquets. I know it is because of the detail.  I only use hand-selected, quality silks.  Then each and every flower is individually hand tied to the stem holder. Sometimes, flowers are even completely taken apart and are reconstructed for the perfect look and/or perfect color.

Ocassionally I am asked if I will make bouquets from cheap flowers;
to which I always graciously decline.  If it has my name on  it, only quality will do.

When only fresh will do..

Due to our lack of space for refrigeration, Merry Me Creations rarely works with fresh flowers.  Here are a few examples, however, of some of the head table arrangements that I have made, when both time and  space were adequate. 
August 10, 1985
This is the day that it all started for me.  I never realized that all of my designing and work for a family member's wedding would reap such rewards.  For this wedding, I made the centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, church decorations and rice filled roses for the toss. Plus, I also made the flower girl dress that my daughter is wearing in this photo.  I received so many compliments and inquiries that it made me realize that I could do this and actually get paid. My only regret is that I waited another 17 years before deciding to start my own business.  And as they say, the rest is history.....
Merry's daughters:
Angela, Nicole and Jo